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Saturday, May 18  1:00 – 1:45 PM  Field Dedication

Ceremony signifying the official opening of the Field of Honor 


  • Welcome and opening remarks –Tri Fritz, President-Elect Designate, Glendale Sunrise Rotary

  • Crescenta Valley High School ROTC Color Guard, Sgt. Alvin Johnson, Cadet/TSgt Hannah Chung

Cadet/TSgt Roy Yang, Cadet/SrA Emily Gai, and Cadet/1st Lt Ara Patvakanian 

  • Glendale Community College Singers – Sara Brock, Natalie Rael, Julia Rael, Jacob Shim, Kenneth  Landaverde

  • Introduction of Speaker - Camille Levee, Board of Directors, Wellness Works

  • Keynote Speaker – Nathan Graeser, Executive Director, 1987 Fund, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration

  • Dedication of the Field – Angie Ray, Vice President, Forest Lawn Glendale

  • Glendale Community College Singers 

  • Closing comments – Tri Fritz


Monday, May 20 11:30 AM  Scott Lowe                  

Civil War Soldier Stories & Displays


Tuesday, May 21 11:30 AM    James Fishburne  & Izzy Barakat       

U.S. Veteran – Military Stories          

War Horse Creek


Wednesday, May 22 11:30 AM  Scott Lowe & Dana Amann 

Civil War Soldier Stories & Displays                  

Abraham Lincoln Storyteller


Thursday, May 23 11:30 AM    Cliff Ishigaki, M.A., M.A., Chaplain, USMC & Dana Amann     

Veterans Stories & Wellness Works 

Abraham Lincoln Storyteller


Friday, May 24 11:30 AM    Michael Johnson, Ed.D., MPE, MSW, US Army & Dana Amann  

Veteran Stories & Wellness Works

Abraham Lincoln Storyteller

Saturday, May 25  9:30 – 10:30 AM Community Commemoration of Those We Honor and Thank

Ceremony commemorating, thanking, and honoring those serving, who have served, and those who have lost their lives serving our country and local communities in the military and as first responders


  • Welcome and opening remarks – Peggy Smith, President, Glendale Sunrise Rotary

  • Presentation of the colors – U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard

  • Star Spangled Banner – Julie Rael, Glendale Community College

  • Glendale City Council Mayor Najarian 

  • City Police Chief Carl Povilaitis 

  • Keynote – Tess Banko, Executive Director, UCLA/VA Veterans Family Wellness Center 

  • Closing comments – Angie Ray, Vice President, Forest Lawn Glendale 

  • Amazing Grace – Julie Rael, Glendale Community College


11:30 AM - Abraham Lincoln Storyteller

Sunday, May 26 11:30 AM 

11:30 AM - Abraham Lincoln Storyteller

Monday, May 27 4:00 – 4:45 PM Field Retirement

Ceremony closing the week of activities focused on peace and service to others


  • Welcome and opening remarks – Keith Sorem, Field of Honor and Gratitude Chair, Glendale Sunrise Rotary

  • City of Glendale Police Explorers Color Guard, Michelle Gonzalez, Coordinator 

  • America the Beautiful – Richard Smykle 

  • Keynote – Garbis DerYeghian, Chair, Rotary International Action Group for Peace 

  • Closing comments – Lisa Raggio, Executive Director, Wellness Works 

  • Retirement of the colors - flag folding ceremony by Police Explorers Color Guard

  • You’ll Never Walk Alone – Richard Smykle